stephen koch

software engineer

Hello world!

This is the initial commit. The purpose of this exercise is to create a blog once and for all.

I have no idea what the content is however every year for the past 3 I've toyed with it in some way/shape/form.

The first iteration, if I recall, was using Prismic. I was doing a side project and wanted to learn so naturally, I needed a test ground.

Then I got into Markdown, specifically MDX. I was fascinated by this and began creating my own scripts to generate posts via CLI. This was fun, for sure, however it began to break down when I kept iterating on the CLI aspect and not the content creation. Maybe I'll add fold some of the learnings here.


And finally I've had a Contentful account since the beginning. It's been stagnant since the side project I was using it for is no longer, so here we are; a free (legacy) account that I can use as a CMS instead. This also gives me the opportunity to learn more about migrations on Contentful as well as managing multiple environments.


  • Gatsby

  • Contentful

  • GraphQL

Away we go.

January 24, 2022, 01:59